🔰Your tokens never leaves your wallet. farming happens in your wallet. you just have to harvest your rewards manually
💰Total purchased $CYM 0.000000000 $CYM
🏆Total Rewards Harvested 0.000000000 $CYM
💴Locked $CYM wallet Balance 0.000000000 $CYM
⚙️Unharvested $CYM rewards 0.000000000 $CYM
⏰Countdown until next harvest 0minute 00seconds
🔐$CYM unlock days countdown 25 days left
Instructions on how to use SpeedFarming!
  • Connect your wallet and Enable the speed farming by pressing the 'enable farming' button
  • Harvest your rewards every 5 minutes by pressing the 'harvest rewards' button. the harvested tokens will be sent to your wallet instantly.
  • Minimum IMO purchased $CYM to hold to be eligible for speed farming: 10,000$CYM ~ (0.21BNB) BUY $CYM IMO HERE
  • Current FIXED APR: 995.328% (2.7648% EVERY DAY)
  • Can Claim Reward every 5 minutes. (just buy some tokens from IMO, enable farming then harvest your reward every 5 minutes)
  • The rewards are accumulated per second via EPOCH timestamp. so even if you forget and dont harvest every 5 minutes, whenever you harvest, all previously accumulated rewards will be sent.
  • Rewards harvested from Speed-Farming are locked and will be unlocked after the Mainnet-Sale.