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Holders do not need to stake or manually claim earnings. Our Smart contract award Earnings directly to the holder's balance.

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How Cylum Works A Robust AutoStaking system.

Cylum Token

$CYM is the native token for Staking incentives. Tax distribution benefits every token holder in CYM. merely for holding $CYM tokens.

Auto Compounding

Every $CYM Transaction is Taxed a 10% Fee. which is split between all holders and is being Auto-Compounded in their Wallets.

The Cylinder

Cylum Cylinder is a 1000BNB backup fund. This helps the DAO in case the $CYM token price drops dramatically. to reassure our investors.

Cylum Chimney

2% of entire $CYM supply was burned during launch. With each trade, more $CYM are automatically added to the chimney, creating a token scarcity.

Cylum Metaverse Launchpad. Easily write and deploy a project with 5 easy steps
Launching soon

Metaverse projects and unique NFTs can be hosted on the cylum metaverse launchpad, where users can create, collect, sell, and purchase NFTs and Projects, as well as invest in Metaverse projects.

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Upon launch, the Cylum Mainnet will have a multi-chain Dapp with a variety of utilities like speed farming, token and liquidity locking, NFT minting, general token mining, and a variety of other features. The $CYM tokens will be the driving force behind the Mainnet. During the Mainnet offering, which will take place at a later date to be announced, Mainnet $CYM coins will be distributed to investors who wish to maximize their profits on the CYLUM system.

The Entire Cylum Project was developed from scratch by a group of highly skilled developers from within our organization. The code and operations of cylum are completely distinct from any other platform's code or operations since cylum operates on a completely different set of mechanics that allows for complete protocol sustainability. Aside from that, we have implemented various unique mechanisms that we have developed ourselves, which provide significant advantages over our competitors. These include our Cylinder wallet and Referral System, as well as locked-in Tokens for long-term sustainability and per minute earning.

The contract has no Mint functionality and before going live, the contract will be audited by three different audit firms, CERTIK inclusive. And the liquidity will be locked in for four years at the time of creation. A minimum lock time of six months has been set at Unicrypt for all other utility tokens, such as the development fund, team, burn, and DAO reserve tokens. There will be no ways to rugpull.

Cylum Cylinder is a cold storage wallet that stores a significant amount of BNB. The cylinder will aid in controlling significant price declines caused by holders selling in order to maintain the token's price. To view the cylinder backup wallet, please click HERE.

You begin earning rewards the moment you purchase CYLUM. It makes no difference how many tokens you have. You can earn rewards even if you only have 1$CYM. Please keep in mind that the Received amount (for both Airdrop users and Mainnet $CYM holders) will be locked-in until the Mainnet Launch is completed. progress to the Mainnet Launch will be seen at the Dapps page.

You can earn extra $CYM tokens and BNB by simply Joining our Referral programme. you will receive rewards for every transaction Made using your referral link. you can receive rewards of BNB and CYLUM up to 10% of the transacted amount. We also have a fixed Airdrop Reward of 20$CYM tokens per referral.

Your referral, airdrop, and mainnet acquired tokens are also locked-in for staking. This means that they will yield rewards that are spendable instantly, but the principal token will remain locked-in and will not be available for spending until the mainnet is launched. After the mainnet launch, all tokens and ROI will be available for spending. This is the best practice for the best sustainability of CYLUM.

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